HR Consultant Job Description, Resume and Interview Tips

HR is a business abbreviation for ‘Human Resources’, and a HR Consultant works to develop and implement human resource techniques and strategies in order to meet the organization’s distinctive requirements. An HR Consultant, at lower levels, is responsible for job recruitment. However, to become a senior HR Consultant, an active participation in administering the employer’s human resources department is required.

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Job Description for HR Consultant:

Job description for HR Consultant may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Identifies, reviews, and advises on tasks related to recruitment process and employment strategies to meet human resources requirements. Coordinates and participates as a selection panel member in recruitment process, including selection, appointment process, preparing reports. Undertakes quality checks of selection and recruitment processes and reports; liaises with external consultant and management to ensure effective meeting of guidelines and standards. Analyzes people relating metrics, trends and making recommendations to HR manager for any action; manages all activities in association with information related to employee perception surveys. Works with HR team member to ensure effective meeting of organization objectives through collaboration, openness and personal development; Develops, interprets and evaluates human resources operation guidelines and policies.

He/she liaises with other agencies regarding the issues related to procedures and policies of human resources; Keeps track of vacancies in companies and also may need to contact them in order to find out if there are any posts empty in those companies, thereby generating new business; Investigates researches and prepares brief notes or reports on new policies, procedures, and practices of human resources to ensure accurate service delivery. Undertakes special projects related to issues of human resources.

Tips for Writing HR Consultant Resume:

A few of the most important tips for writing HR Consultant resume are as follows:

  • Separate the HR Consultant resume into separate sections and subsections along with short paragraphs and bulleted points in order to make it easily readable.
  • Provide all necessary details, such as full name, contact information, telephone numbers, permanent address, email address, and career objective.
  • Write your major professional achievements as HR Consultant next to the objective section as this gives an idea about quantifiable results of your work and assigned tasks.
  • Include Professional History section above the Academic Qualifications section to highlight your work experience.
  • Preferably, write your professional experience and related basic job duties and responsibilities in bullets.
  • Write all your most important skills that are related to the HR Consultancy in Skills section.


There are a number of things that need to be included in HR Consultant resume, which include:

  • Write a job objective in your resume that strikes a chord with the employer.
  • It is necessary to summarize your strengths and key qualifications in the top half of the first page in the Professional Achievements section.
  • When writing a Professional Experience section, always emphasize your achievements.
  • Under each employer, give a bulleted list of your major achievements. Always show quantifiable results of your work in this section.
  • Include your major academic qualifications in your resume that are mainly related to human resource management.
  • Create a list of your key HR related skills in your resume that can be beneficial to the employer.
  • Include the professional affiliations, workshops, courses, training and seminars that you have related to your profession, if any.


There are a few things that need to be avoided in HR Consultant resume, which include:

  • Don’t include too many duties, responsibilities, and achievements in your resume as they will conceal the key points.
  • Don’t give a long list of skills in the resume as it will only be viewed with skepticism.
  • Don’t include photos in your resume.
  • Don’t misrepresent information.
  • Don’t include irrelevant personal information, such as your hobbies, health, social security number, age, height, weight, religion, citizenship, race, marital status, or names of wife and kids.
  • Don’t include research papers, dissertations, or lists of publications.
  • Don’t make your resume too lengthy, as anywhere from one to three pages is appropriate.

Action Words:

Action words are of great help in writing a professional looking resume. There are many actions words that can be used in the Professional Achievements and Professional Experience sections of the HR Consultant resume. A few of the most important of these action words are as follows:

Assisted, Arranged, Analyzed, Collected, Coordinated, Conducted, Consulted, Created, Designed, Developed, Demonstrated, Directed, Encouraged, Implemented, Identified, Managed, Maintained, Monitored, Prepared, Performed, Researched, Revised, Served, Trained.

Interview Tips:

Interview is the vital part of a recruitment process, which greatly affects the selection or rejection of a job candidate. Therefore, it is important for the candidate to be well prepared for the interview.

Here are some main interview tips that should be followed when interviewing for the HR Consultant position.

  • Create a list of common interview questions related to HR Consultancy and answers, or you can answer them by yourself.
  • Find out field trends related to HR Consultancy, which are presently happening in your industry and how to face or solve them.
  • Identify attributes, traits or abilities for HR Consultant, which are related to this job and how to get them.
  • Show an interest in the job and a willingness to work hard, however don’t overdo it.
  • During the interview, maintain a professional behavior and do not discuss your personal issues and problems.
  • Always close the interview by expressing thanks and appreciation for their time.
Sample HR Consultant Resume

Download Sample HR Consultant Resume in MS Word Format


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