Nursing Resume Cover Letter

Here is a sample Nursing Resume Cover Letter,

Tim Payne

1340 W. Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date: May 05, 2010

Dear Mr. Tim,

I have heard from my friend about your new Hospital. I came to know that you require new staff for different departments of D.H.Q Medicare. I would like to offer my services for your Medicare.

I have medical qualification that you require along with 4 year diploma in General Staff Nursing. During these professional 4 years, I watched –over the patients of almost all departments. First 3 years of nursing diploma, I performed in emergency, lever, eye wards etc. I have also worked as Assistant of Senior Doctor.  I am familiar to tend a psychological patient and his all health care planes. In last and final year of general staff nursing, I served ladies patients in gynecology ward. In gynecology ward I learned all the terms of L.H.V and about health. I also did part time job in a private clinic as nurse for 2 year with my medical study.

I am going to send you a copy of all necessary documents with fresh resume. My contact number is also mentioned on resume for your convenience.

Thank you in anticipation for your time and consideration.


Ala Hearty

3210 Murray Court,
Ft. Worth, Texas, USA


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